We are on May 25, 1961, on rue de Nazareth, in the heart of Paris.
On this day of Saint Sophia, a unique toy imagined before by a certain Mr Rampeau is manufactured for the first time.
Far from the traditional silhouettes, inspired by domestic animals or from the farm world, this future icon of the childcare world is none other than a giraffe . It measures 18 centimeters, has 76 dark spots and emits a mischievous and now legendary “pouet”.
It will be Sophie of course!
Its success is immediate with parents who see her as an essential companion for their child.
And because at the time of the first teething, baby does not cry any more thanks to Sophie la girafe, it is by a simple
It is by “word of mouth” that the fame of this exotic and wildly innovative looking toy is established.
ITINERARY OF A Giraffe star
Adored by French families, Sophie la girafe is also an international brand, with more than 170 references, 4 distinct collections and is now being exported in more than 85 countries.
Since its creation, Sophie la girafe has been sold to more than…
Emblematic reflection of a art of living typically “Frenchy recognized and sought after abroad, Sophie la girafe has thus become a real “It Toy” adopted by a host of stars and their babies: Naomi Watts, Uma Thurman, Miranda Kerr, Madonna, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Elton John or Kim Kardashian to name a few.